Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cool stuff for grabs

RM 65 (Set of necklace and earrings)

RM 69 (Set of necklace and earrings)

RM 79 ( Set of necklace and earrings)

RM 59 (set of necklace and earrings)

RM55 (Set of necklace and drop earring)

All jewelry are from Avon collection, 1 owner and in good condition. All of them are. However, packing will be different. Please take note.

Interested please email me at

Kakkoii! is cool

This is a shoutout to You who is looking for anything, evertything beautiful and affordable. First hands and second hands cool stuff are available.

At this moment, we will start, firsts, with second hand accessorries. There will be more stuff to be on sale soon. Just check this blog from time to time.

Till then....